The risk management & insurance department at "Ehrman Consultants" was estaglished by Mr Gideon Ehrman, a well known and recognized professional expert in this field.

Our main goal is to offer professional solutions in risk management & insurance to every organization or company, acting in every section of the economic market.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise which we are happy to share with our clients, helping them to build risk management & insurance system tailor made to their special demands and needs.

It should be emphasized that we are not agents or brokers, we are under no obligation to any insurance company.

Our exclusive and full loyalty and confidence is to our client only.

About risk management

Every business in our modern world, is exposed at all times, to many risks from the inside as well as from the environment.

Those risks can be under control or without any control.

To some of  the risks we are aware and to some, we are not. Some of them are inherent to the business activities and must be taken into account, and some can be avoided or ignored.

Risk management is a process that helps the organization handle properly the risks that faces it.

There are three stages to the process:

  • To find and recognize all the risks that confronts the business, in every possible area: risks to property, risks of liabilities, moral risks, market risks, risks to reputation, etc.
  • To define the risks that were found. To learn what causes them and what is their influence on the existence and the well being of the business.
  • To find the optimal ways to manage the different risks and the damages they may cause.

There are number of tools for managing  risks: physical, financial and others. One of the main and important tools is "insurance".   

Some organizations truly believe that insurance is the best solution for  their risk problems.

But we must remember that insurance has some major disadvantages that we should not ignore:

  • The insurance deals only with the damages and not with the risks that caused them.
  • It does not give full cover to all the damages that the business suffered. Mainly when we have indirect damages.
  • There are many risks that insurance don't have or don't want to give solutions to.  And mostly, these are the most dangerous risks.
  • Insurance is quite expensive.

That’s the importance of the ability to see the whole picture of risks and methods available in order to face  and control them. So, to be able to find for each organization the tools best fit to manage the risks it is facing.

But still we should remember, that the solutions given by the insurance market are the most common and available and we have  the knowledge, the experiance and the expertise that gives us the ability to make the best use of those solutions, to the best interests of our clients.